The Making: Little Man/Mustache Bash

On May 23, 2016 My Baby Boy DJ turns ONE!!! I’m super thrilled and cannot wait to Celebrate with family and friends! I wanted to write this post so that I can show everyone what I got and where I got it from. I am also making some stuff for the party so some of that will be in a later post πŸ™‚

Alright lets get started:


I made a banner and a door sign. I am having the party at my dads house and his house doesn’t have a door bell!! So I made a sign to let guests know to come on in when they get there. Both of these I had printed at Walgreen’s. I googled a photo coupon code and found a mothers day promo code for 40% off and ordered them separately. So I only spent like $12 for both!


Every Birthday I create a Poster board with milestones of my kids and I take pictures of them with the poster. This is DJ’s 1st poster.I printer everything from Microsoft Word and I googled pictures with transparent backgrounds πŸ™‚


First off let me say Hobby Lobby has a whole Little Man/ Mustache section + a cinco de mayo section currently with mustache stuff. I bought these cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby.Β  I made probably 6 trips to Hobby Lobby because I have a 40% off coupon I found online so I used it for a few purchases to get everything I needed.


This table cloth I got at Hobby Lobby and I plan to put on my fold up/out table where the cake and treats will be located.


I found the Blue table cloth at Hobby Lobby and I found the Green table cloth at Walmart. I plan to use these as a backdrop for a photo booth.


I got these clear solo cups at Safeway… tip: buy them at Costco, you get way more for way cheaper. I got 28 cups for $9.98 at Safeway then found them at Costco 250 cups for $9.99. It’s insane the prices of plastic cups. Anyways, I bought these mustache stickers to put on the cups to decorate them. I got the stickers at Hobby Lobby.


I bought this “ice cube mold” at Hobby Lobby. It’s in quotes because that’s not what I plan to use it for. I plan to make chocolate mustaches to add to the goodie bags I made.


These are the goodie bags. Also bought at Hobby Lobby…told ya I was there a lot lol. They fold over with the mustache on them.


These are the goodies so far that I have put in the bags…These are the “adult bags I guess…I also made kids bags which has little cheap toys from the party section at Walmart in them. But these bags have the butter mints which I got at Hobby Lobby, The mustaches on a stick which are also from Hobby Lobby, and then I bought stick on fuzzy mustaches from The Dollar Tree store.

I bought both of these candles at Hobby Lobby. I have a really cute cake design & a smash cake design that I will be making and that will be in a later post once everything is all made.

I bought all of these at Hobby Lobby. Mustache Balloons, Highchair Decorations, Streamers, Paper Fans, Paper chevron straws, and a birthday banner.


I also found this super cute bib at Hobby Lobby for when he is eating in his cute little outfit.


I got these at Hobby Lobby as well but I haven’t even decided if I will do cupcakes yet.

I bought all of these at Hobby Lobby. The plastic silverware, Napkins and Plates.

p.s. sorry if any pics are sideways I have yet to figure out how to switch them around.


I still have a lot that I am making/doing for the party so I will post more as I go but so far this is what I have. πŸ™‚




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