Little Man Birthday Party Part 2

The party was a success! I was a busy mama the whole day of the party. I got some pictures but not as many as I had hoped.

We started out by getting shade structures up around the pool. After that I decorated everything and got tables including the 6 foot dessert table all setup. When guests started arriving, I started Bbqin.

Our Menu:

Deviled Eggs (some with bacon & some with olives)



Potato Salad

Fruit Salad

Chips & Salsa

This is the Dessert Table/ Goodie Bag Table:

I made foam bow ties with glitter designs. They attached with 2 prong metal hair clips I had from previous crafts.

Assorted Foam Sheets

Glitter Washi Tape

Double Prong Metal Clips

I made both cakes myself. The Smash Cake is French Vanilla. The Big Cake is French Vanilla on the bottom and then Chocolate cake on the top tiers. I used Wilton Fondant to cut out and make decorations for the cake. I colored the fondant with Wilton Gel Food Coloring .

Some of the cookie cutters I used:

Small Letter Cutters

Mustache- Bow Tie- Neck Tie Cutters


Mustache Chocolate Mold

These are the Molds I used and made Candy Melt Pops.

I bought some picture frames at the dollar tree store and printed some mustache sayings I found on Pinterest and put them all around the tables.


The Candy Melts/ Chocolates:


The Cookies:


The Cakes:

The Cake Smash:

The Milestone Poster:


The Birthday Boy:

Overall a huge success! With 22 guests! My Baby is well loved!


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