Lisa Frank Birthday Party

My daughter just turned 4! When i asked her what kind of party she wanted she said unicorns and mermaids. So we went shopping. While shopping i showed her some Lisa Frank items i had found and boom she was hooked! 

Alot of the stuff for the party i made myself since i have so much extra time on my hands (haha) …but im not gunna lie i absolutely love and have a passion for party planning and diy crafting! Pinterest and me are very close friends lol. 

This is my big 4 year old. I made her shirt for her. Its just a simple iron on that i printed out from my computer.  Iron on transfer papers (printer friendly) & i bought her plain white shirt here Plain white long sleeve shirt . 

I made a rainbow glitter unicorn piñata from all my amazon boxes i had accumulated, white tissue paper from the dollar store, some silver glitter, cardstock paper, gluegun with glue, and some glitter tulle i bought at hobby lobby. It was alot of work for the kids to just destroy it, but like i said i enjoy making this stuff so i was fine with it 😁

I also made some mini unicorn piñatas from some cereal box cardboard, tissue paper from the dollar tree, cardstock, glitter, and some small gems i had from a previous project(for the eyes) i cut a hole under the tail (on the butt) and stuffed them with skittles so the unicorn would poop skittles! Lol the kids loved it and so did the adults 😂 

Now my cake turned out pretty cute i was pretty impressed! I made a french vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. I dyed each cake layer with rainbow tiedye(5 layers). I covered the cake with White fondant and I bought some Food coloring pens to colors the fondant facial features i made for the face. The horn is a lollipop i bought at the dollar store which was too tall but i went with it anyways lol. 

I made some Lisa frank inspired cookies with my well loved sugar cookie recipe and frosting recipe 😉 

For all the goodie bag goodies/party favor goodies I bought here are the amazon links i used to order:

Unicorn cookie cutter
Over 600 lisa frank stickers 
Party set
Party hats 8ct
Play packs(I had found them in packs of 6 but i cant find that link now)
Party plates, napkins, cups & silverware
Unicorn sticker (not lisa frank but we decorated some blank thank you cards from the dollar section at target with these) 



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