Lets Get To Know Eachother!

So I thought it would be fun to do one of those survey/question things all the high school kids use to do on myspace and facebook! (Wow myspace…Im old!) I would like for you to fill this out in the comments! I love learning about people and I promise I will read all of them! Its fun for me! 

Here is my All About Me:

1. Full Name: Becky Smith. Well technically Im supposed to be Becky Weeks. But I never officially cahnged my name when I got married.

2. Age and birthday: I am 28 and I was Born November 26th 

3. Hometown: Born in Carmichael CA. Grew up in North Highlands/Sacramento CA until my sophmore year of high school when I moved with my mom to Placerville CA and I lived there for 6 years. So I consider all of these my hometown. They all have special places for me. 

4. Hair color: As of 2 days ago I went a little crazy. Normally my hair is a dark burgundy/purple color. But…. I colored my hairva dark brown almost black and bleached in a few highlights that turned orange…I just left it until I have time to add some more highlights and tone it lol. So its a work in progress.

5. Eye color: Blue but my eyes change colors. Sometimes they are bright blue, grey blue, or teal.

6. Height: I am 5’9″

7. Best friends: Holly James & Caitlyn Goebel

8. Favorite color: Teal 

9. Pets: None. I love animals but my house is too small and its just too much for me with 2 kids.

10. Dream job: Owning my own bakery and making cakes and cookies all day.

11. Favorite subject: Art I love being crwative and making things.

12. Lucky number: 7 just like my momma 

13. Hobbies: Teaching my kids, blogging, creating things, baking, and trying to find ways to keep a positive mind.

14. Favorite book: I dont have a favorite due to not being able to read much but I am part of a Young Married Couples Group and we are reading a book called “What did you expect?” By Paul David Tripp. I like it alot and it has helped my husband and I become closer.

15. Favorite movie: oh boy I have so many. Im a sucker for romantic comedies, chick flicks and just normal comedies. I like to laugh. 

16. Favorite sport: Basketball

17. Favorite band/artist: Im liking Bruno Mars’ new album rught now. 

18. Favorite food: Tacos!! I love Tacos & Pizza…. which is so unhealthy but I still love them lol.

19. Favorite season: Fall or Summer. I HATE spring with a passion because I am allergic to everything that blooms in spring ugh… I am miserable during spring, Its been this way my entire life. And winter is rough im not a fan of being cold. 

20. Favorite music genre:I would say Pop because I like to dance with my kids. 

21. Single or taken: I am Taken. Im married to my hubby since 2012. 

22. Want kids: I have 2 kids. My daughter is now 4 and my son is almost 2.

23: Snapchat: beckobee

24. Zodiac sign :Sagittarius

25. Last drank: My morning coffee. 

26. Cat or dog: I love them both but I have to say Dogs because Im allergic to cats 😦

27. Favorite animal: Dogs & Giraffs

28. Apple or samsung: Never had a samsung so Id say Im an apple girl. 

I cant wait to read your answers and get to know you guys! 

Have a great day everyone!


7 thoughts on “Lets Get To Know Eachother!

  1. This is such a brilliant idea 😁!

    1. Full Name: Rebecca McKean (Aka Becky)

    2. Age and birthday: I am 21 and I was Born January 18th

    3. Hometown: Scotland

    4. Hair color: I’ve dyed my hair a purple/plum colour which sometimes looks red… pretty weird

    5. Eye color: Blueish green, my eyes change colour too 😁

    6. Height: I am 5’7β€³ I think

    7. Best friends: Danielle and Natasha

    8. Favorite color: Purple!

    9. Pets: I have a chihuahua/jack Russell dog, he’s adorable!

    10. Dream job: Owning my own crafts company

    11. Favorite subject: Art too, I love creativity

    12. Lucky number: hmm 7 and 8

    13. Hobbies: baking, crafting, and drawing

    14. Favorite book: that’s difficult, I can’t choose there’s too many

    15. Favorite movie: I love guardians of the galaxy. It’s so funny !

    16. Favorite sport: netball

    17. Favorite band/artist: Ed sheeran is amazing .

    18. Favorite food: it has to be mac and cheese !

    19. Favorite season: Summer. Love the hot weather when it actually appears lol

    20. Favorite music genre: I like a bit of everything .

    21. Single or taken: I’m single. Just over a year now, it’s a weird feeling after coming out of a long relationship. Love it though, much better situation for me😊

    22. Want kids: I’d love kids!!

    23: Snapchat: don’t have it πŸ˜”

    24. Zodiac sign :Capricorn

    25. Last drank: tea. I drink way too much

    26. Cat or dog: definitely dogs, I think cats hate me !

    27. Favorite animal: I love them all

    28. Apple or samsung: I’m the opposite, never had apple so I’m samsung lol

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