Casino Party

In February I was hired to do a Casino Party for a friends husband that turned 40. I had so much fun making decorations and setting up for this party! They went all out for this awesome party and hired card dealers and setup tables with play $ and even hired a bartender. It was quite a party!

I made a casino cake as well as some decorations.

casino cake

I used wilton fondant with buttercream frosting for this vanilla cake.

casino dessert table

I made this Balloon Arch with this balloon arch strip

The balloon was not that hard to make, the hardest part was having to blow all the balloons up and tie them all.(thankfully i had 3 awesome helpers!)

casino sign

I made this huge CASINO sign that was at least 5 feet long. I used some recycled diaper boxes! A lot of my decorations are made from recycled cardboard boxes 🙂

She had the cute idea to buy a few Disposable Cameras for her guests to snap pics that they couldn’t see and decide to delete. They get to keep the fun memories from the party unedited.


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