Im back & need advice

Hi all!

I have been one busy momma lately! I have had countless Parties to plan and cakes to make on top of daily life plus some. I miss writing!

I just found out yesterday I will be an aunt x2 more! I’m so excited! Babies= cakes, gender reveal parties to plan, baby showers to plan, and more! I can’t wait. I’ve already been making new Pinterest boards with ideas! Does anyone have any cute ideas I can run by the mommies to be?

I need some advice on what some other stay at home parents do to make some income from home. i already do Ibotta, Reciept Hog, surveys, but I’m curious if anyone uses affiliate links and generates any income. I would like to start helping my husband out with some costs. I already babysit my niece 4-5 days a week but I don’t make much. does anyone have any recommendations? have the affiliate links worked for you? I still feel so new in blogging and I haven’t figured everything out yet. I’m open to some suggestions of things i can do from home while babysitting 3 kids.

I’m so thankful for all my readers and I’m thankful that some of you like to comment and give me some tips and advice 🙂




One thought on “Im back & need advice

  1. Hi! Thank you for following my blog. I have yet to start monetizing my site but i am active in a ground floor network marketing company and this is generating enough income for me to stay at home from teaching. If you ever want to hear about it or direct sales in general, I would love to chat!


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