Rapunzel Party (Old Post)

This post is from when my daughter turned 3, she had a tangled/Rapunzel themed party at our local park. I figured i would add this to my collection of parties i have done in the past. My daughter just had her 5th birthday in February so this cake and decorations were in my beginner stages of party planning/supplier. 

I made this Rapunzel tower from a fold up foam presentation board like this fold up foam board.

This is the cake I made for her party. I had the hardest time finding a small enough Rapunzel figurine to fit on the cake and not sink it.  Rapunzel Figurine/Caketopper

These are the Icing Flowers I used on the cake. And I bought a cheap #3 from the dollar store and bejeweled it with flatback swarovski crystals and I used this glue .

I made these Rapunzel red velvet cake pops with these purple candy melts.

I used this free printable image from Pinterest for the tops tangled cake pop topper.

Thanx for checking out my blog and i hope its helpful if your making a Tangled cake 🙂


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