Mermaid Party

In February my daughter turned 5 and requested a mermaid Birthday Party! I wish her Birthday was’t in February when its so cold outside still! She wanted a swim party at her papas house but that never happens because everyone would freeze to death! We compromised and she still got her party at papas house but swimming was not included lol.

I made her Mermaid Cake and was very happy with how it turned out!

For her Cake Topper I used Silver Glitter Cardstock & I cut the Mermaid Image Out with my Cricut Cutting Machine.

I used Wilton Fondant for most of the Cakes Decorations and Buttercream frosting for the rest. i will post below all the tools i used to make the creatures on the cake.

Mermaid Tails

mermaid Tail, Seashell, & Creature Bundle

Seaweed & More Shells

I used a similar Cake Base to this one and I added some Washi Tape around the edge.

mermaid cake

For the Background:

I made my daughters name and #5 Out of Cardboard and hot glue. Then I added some card-stock and paint to make it look like a mermaids tail. I made the blue 5 mermaid out of cardboard and paint ( I didn’t even mean to make it into a #5 shape!! It was an accident lol)

Everything else i found on amazon:

Happy Birthday Balloons

Bubble Party Decorations

Paper Fish Cutouts

Fishing Nets

Silver Photo Backdrop

mermaid party wall

I made the Treasure Chest From A Blue moon Beer Box and a Ritz cracker box for the lid. (See Below)

I bought the Beaded Necklaces for the treasure chest and I added some to the goodie bags.

tara 5

My Blue Moon Box & Ritz Cracker box Treasure Chest 🙂IMG_7857

I made these Mermaid Wands From:

Wooden Dowels Covered in Holographic Washi Tape

I added some Small Plastic Starfish & Ribbons with hot glue.

The kids loved them!

mermaid wands

I Made these pinatas from cardboard and paint.

and i made some seashell hair clips.mermaid pinatasmermaid fishnet wall


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